Welcome to Energy Law Today

28 Feb

Welcome to this new site: Energy Law Today

Energy Law Today is a site aimed to provide useful information, insights and analysis in the field of comparative energy law. Since our world is facing more and more pressing energy related problems, it is important to know how the different legal systems are addressing these problems. The better we know how are other parts of the world dealing with the same problems we have, the better we will understand these problems.

In most of the articles that will be posted, a comparison between the European Union and the United States will be drawn. Both the EU and the US are today main players of the energy policy game. However, emerging countries won´t  be disregarded. The growing role these countries are playing in the international energy scene gives us the possibility to add a third term to our comparison.

As you may see, Energy Law Today has four sections:

-The main one, which will be devoted to articles, analysis and research in comparative energy law.

Energy Law Materials, where links to relevant laws, statutes, regulations and cases will be posted.

About Energy Law Today, where you can learn more about the author of the website

Contact Energy Law Today: If you want to collaborate with Energy Law Today or just want to contact the autor, please use the form included in this section.

So, welcome to the exciting world of comparative energy law!


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